its a little uplifting to see the crosses besides risae and eunbi’s names on the ladies code wiki page rather than as “former members”. they aren’t former members and never will be. they will always be our ladies, no matter where the universe chooses to take them. rest in peace, our beautiful angels. once a lady, always a lady. 

What do you have against EYK?







they slut shame, they called Hyuna a stripper, they called BAP pussies because crying as a man makes you weak LOLOLOLOL!!!! they basically scammed their followers, they’re not funny, ‘fangurilla’ in the vixx video was just creepy af (and I know they do more “comedy” sketches), they make fun if idols’s english while they can’t even pronounce most names of the guests right themselves, saying shit about Ravi that he shouldn’t be there while he does a shit ton for vixx uhm?

oh and on hallyucon they’re going to judge the dance competition :^) does anyone know if they actually know shit from dancing besides it looking ~*~fancy enough to appeal to the audience~*~?? because I know some dancer friends who will flip their shit if it’s a no.

eyk just need to leave already

I thought they were saying all these things as a joke. Like, … Not seriously ?

Let’s slut shame for comedy!!! HahaHAHAHahA!!! So funny!!! Let’s say Hyuna is a stripper for a bet even though we have a huge following fanbase and she’s getting enough shit already!! This is comedy gOLD!! Let’s make one LONG shit blogpost about how vixx doesn’t need Ravi and compare him with things in the rudest way possible!!! HAHAHAHA Did you hear them speak eNGLISH??? LOLOLOLOL

Just because “it’s a joke” doesn’t mean it’s okay. They’re rude as hell.

Humor is humor, if you don’t get it then you’re just very angry. I see some bloggers in the fandom also making fun of idols’ english, yet we all know it’s for fun. I try to be objective, if I see someone in the fandom slut shaming western female artists then I’m not going to blame EYK for joking about Hyuna on their channel. If I see fans making fun of idols’ english, … Then I don’t see what’s so bad about EYK making fun of it.

so what you’re saying is you’re okay with slutshaming and making fun of people for something they can’t help. i’m glad i don’t know you.

That you would do it that way..was so mean..3

Sarcasm level: Taeyeon

140904 Staff Diary Update:

In order to make a fabulous chance to see EXO-L all over the world, “EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 - THE LOST PLANET” goes to Jakarta and meet EXO-L on 6th September!

Attractive boy group EXO has two sides„ one side of EXO shows a charistmatic performances on the every stage and the other side takes a wit & cute talking time!

In the last concert in Singapore, we can see BAEKHYUN & KAI’s ICE BUCKET with their beautiful mind.

Even they were bravely standing and waiting for on the stage, they have no choice but to be shocked due to the ice water! ㅜ0ㅜ

Like the message BAEKHYUN & KAI gave, hope EXO-L has a great chance to join this beautiful mission! Let’s do all the good things with EXO & EXO-L ! ^^

Also an unforgettable Guanzhou concert ! We had a beautiful memory of your love like the card [ EXO♥KLM ]

All EXO-L, please watch us with telepathy in everywhere. Also Please give us an eternal interest and love to EXO~~~ !!

Always appreciate! ^^


chanyeol driving (?!!?) -- roommate episode 19 preview

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I think we can all agree that 2014 has been the worst of all years in the kpop fandom…

kim taeyeon alphabet ♡ baekyeon